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Compressor AirMan Tour

Compressor AirMan Tour

In Stock in South Africa. 1-3 days delivery

  • You can use the AirMan Tour to inflate motorcycle and bicycle tyres.

    In addition to its handy portable and lightweight design, its high performance air compressor enables rapid inflation of tires.

    - 12V DIN plug
    - Built-in pressure gauge with psi and bar indication
    - Deflate button
    - Adaptors for bicycle tires, balls, and inflatable toys
    - With 3,40 m long cable
    - Max power 5 bar

    Measurements: 152 x 120 x 60 mm

    4,0 bar in 1 minute (for example bike tires)
    2,5 bar in 4 minutes (for example motorbike with tire volume of 15 Liters)
    2,5 bar in 6,5 minutes (for example a car with tire volume of 25 liters)
    2,5 bar in 8,5 minutes (for example a car with tire volume of 36 liters)

    Weight 0.720 kg

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